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We spend so much time sitting on our butts that many people have dysfunctional gluteal muscles. Sitting also tightens the opposing muscle - hip flexors.

To keep your glutes from becoming dysfunctional, minimize the amount of time you spend seated, include GLUTE EXERCISES in your workout and STRETCH your hip flexors.

Keeping your glutes strong will not only make you look good, it will improve your POSTURE.

Great exercises to engage your glutes are: hip bridge, squats, lunges, glute thrust, deadlifts, step-ups etc. Doing exercises while standing on one leg is another great way to work your glutes. Dont forget to include gluteus medius and gluteus minimus in your training - side-lying hip abduction, side step-ups, lateral band walks, clamshell etc.

Good health starts with good posture. Happy and healthy Monday! 😊


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