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Emer's transformation

I would like to share with you my story how I changed my lifestyle and what I achieved.

I was very unhappy with my weight and health, I had been trying to lose weight for 10 years! I tried Weight Watchers, Slimming world, hypnotherapy, Scarsdale diet and different recommended personal trainers. However nothing worked for me. I had given up on losing weight as I had tried and failed so many times over the years. I was disappointed in myself and it was eating away at my self-confidence. Looking back I can see now I was depressed. I had stopped going to any fitness classes as I couldn’t keep up and the only thing that took the edge off feeling depressed was eating.

When I turned 50 I was afraid for my health and I felt could not continue the way I was going. I knew I needed to change my food completely and I also knew I could not do it on my own. I had given up all hope of losing weight, I just wanted to feel better.

I already knew Monika from the gym that I used to go for a few months. I was thinking about doing personal training with her but it took me a while until I made the decision. This decision was life changing.

I started with Monika December 2017. Just before Christmas. I was not going to wait till the new year as that was what I always did - wait till after the weekend or after a night out etc., endless excuses.

The beginning was tough, but we built my strength gradually. She pushed me gently to overcome my limits. She tailored every exercise to suit me and target the areas I needed (arms, chest, inner thighs or exercises to improve my posture). She changed some exercises if I was not ready for them or made them easier until I built my strength. I did not focus on losing weight. I simply wanted to feel fitter and to know how to eat healthy.

I had to fill in the food diary every day and she gave me feedback to my food choices. If she suggested me to change something, she explained to me why. So I learnt a lot about the food. She gave me so many ideas for different foods. We talked about what I liked and how I could incorporate cooking into my routine with work etc. It is different for each person so she took the time to personalize it to suit my lifestyle. She was giving me different food samples for main meals, snacks, treats etc. Then if I liked them, she gave me the recipes. It was great to try different food to see what I liked. Once again we tailored a basic plan to suit my lifestyle. I was amazed at how satisfied my body felt. I finally got excited about trying different foods, cooking different recipes. I learnt how to make healthy treats, started to bake cookies and cakes that satisfied me completely.

The nutrition was a huge part of changing my lifestyle. I LOVE to eat :-)

I was working with Monika for 3 months. Every few weeks we increased my goals a little bit more. Slowly I started to understand that this was about a lifestyle change, not just about exercise or just food, but a holistic way of thinking. And that is what Monika taught me - to balance all the different areas of my life.

It is a year and half now since I worked with Monika. I have maintained my healthy lifestyle and thanks to that I am still losing weight. (I have lost over 30 lbs so far) I go to Monika’s fitness classes weekly. We are group of women with all different levels of fitness and actually the group is now part of my social life.

I feel a different person today. I feel younger and fitter, confident in myself, my energy levels are high and I know that I have my life under control. Simply now I know how to look after myself.

I was always a little envious of people who were able to enjoy a good social life, have a glass of wine, enjoy desert at occasions etc. Well, the best news is that I can do that now. It is a HUGE freedom. I can enjoy a night out, relax and have a glass of wine with friends, have desert without feeling guilty or going over the top. I do not have the endless cravings to eat sweets, sugars, crisps etc. anymore.

I used to hate to have to go shopping for clothes for a wedding or night out. It was pure torture. Now I enjoy it. I can buy what I like to wear.

For me Monika was the perfect fit. It is important to find the right person to work with. I tried other recommended trainers and I did not follow their advice as best I could but it was not until I worked with Monika that things started to shift. She took my whole situation on board and really cared to take the time to get to know me and how I ticked. I am very grateful to Monika and have a new lease of life as a result.

This is me walking the Camino this year. This was on my bucket list to do. :-) but I really did not think I would be able for all the walking and carrying my gear. Another goal achieved. Thanks Monika

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